The GMC will only make fitness to practise information requests to doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic if there is 'an immediate patient safety concern'.

According to Pulse, the GMC said

“…it appreciates the pressure doctors are currently under and therefore wants to 'limit the impact' of complaints and investigations.”

Anthony Omo, general counsel and director of FTP for the GMC, is reported to have said:

“We appreciate the pressure on doctors and the UK’s health services and want to limit the impact of complaints and investigations.

“We’re continuing to assess and respond to concerns received, but we are changing how we seek information from employers and doctors. We will only make a request if it involves an immediate patient safety concern. This means that we may not be able to progress some cases as efficiently as we would normally, or at all, for the time being.

“If this happens, we’ll communicate with those involved and support them as best we can. Any doctor currently involved in a fitness to practise case can get in touch with us about their individual case.”

The GMC will continue its casework during the crisis but will only consider any new referrals or complaints, and any new information on existing cases, in order to determine whether there are any immediate public safety concerns.

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