We are specialist healthcare and social care lawyers and consultants.  Led by leading healthcare defence counsel Stephen McCaffrey, we offer our clients with clear, practical and professional advice.

With a proven track record and years’ experience in health care defence and in the social care sector, you are in the best possible hands with us. 

We offer our clients a range of legal and consultancy services including:

  • Disciplinary tribunal work
  • Challenging Inspection Reports
  • Training
  • Enforcement and prosecutions
  • NHS Performers Lists Appeals
  • Inquests
  • Mock inspections and due diligence

We are proud to have been rated excellent for our customer care and service. 

We have gained a reputation for our “hands on” and practical approach.   We are upfront and honest with our clients, never guaranteeing things we cannot deliver.  We are upfront with our fees and costs.

Disciplinary Tribunal Work

Our disciplinary tribunal work includes defending and representing healthcare professionals including issues with registration, allegations made against them for poor professional competence, health issues and allegations of misconduct.

Healthcare professionals facing investigations for alleged issues relating to fitness to practise face the prospect of losing their career and having their professional reputation tarnished. Each health regulatory body has its own processes and procedures to investigating and responding to healthcare professionals’ fitness to practise. The process will often be complex and daunting for even the most experienced healthcare professionals.

Through our extensive experience, we have gained an understanding and appreciation of the complexities of these processes and the stress and upset this can cause healthcare professionals. We have obtained an excellent reputation for our approach to defending healthcare professionals before regulatory hearings.

Social Care

We specialise in social care.  We have a thorough understanding of this sector; the various regulators, law, guidance and practice.  Our understanding of the sector goes merely the legal and regulatory aspects, we understand it is about people.  We understand the stresses in the care sector and the impact this might have on the ability for care homes and other care establishments to function properly in the care services they provide.

Our approach is flexible to meet the requirements of individual clients.  Our experienced consultants and lawyers’ advice and services are not limited to merely legal and regulatory matters.  We offer a range of services including due diligence, financial and market advice and future sustainability advice and planning.


Our social care experts and consultants can provide training on any aspect of CQC regulation as well as bespoke courses on topics of your choosing, intensive one to one or group training and you can ‘pick and choose’ to meet your individual needs and on a specific areas.